Hello, I am Andrea Sailing, a self-taught photographer from Hartford, KY. As long as I can remember, photography has always sparked an interest for me. I began doing it as a mere hobby, and it quickly became a huge ~passion~ of mine. Others saw that I had a talent with the camera long before I actually came to realize it was a calling God had prepared me for. Photography was always in the back of my mind during school, but I never really even gave it a chance! I let my inferiority of art classes scare me off. I had never taken any and during college, I felt as though I had already waited too long. I went on to study accounting... Along the way, my road ended up veering in many directions. I had became a jack of all trades over the next 10 years. I was a cashier, a wife, a coach, a mother, a daycare provider, an accounts payable clerk, a Mary Kay consultant, a foster parent, and a volunteer. Having experience all of those things, everything fit together when I was ready to finally pick up the camera. I had learned to deal w/ customers, how to handle the paperwork, how to be passionate, how to direct, how to get down on someone's level, how to enjoy the simple things, how to be creative with what is available, how to give a little more that what is expected, and most importantly... how to see and appreciate the beauty in everyone! My passion has evolved into a business and today I am now offering photojournalist-style photography for families, children, newborns, couples, weddings, and seniors.

Alot of times, picture-taking makes people automatically want to pose stiffly and say, "Cheeeese!" That is not what my art is about. My goal is to capture life's natural moments and create comfortable, life-like images. When you look at them, I want you to ~feel~ the moment... as if you were a part of the moment. I want for the subject's true spirit to shine brighter than any smile ever could. I am here to provide you with something to cherish, something you would be proud to display twenty or even fifty years from now! And more than anything... I want for you to be left Awestruck!